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Finding Healthy and Realistic Ways to Have Balanced Hormones and A Healthy Gut.

Hey there! I’m glad you have decided to follow along on my journey to finding healthy but realistic ways to have balanced hormones and a healthy gut.

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now and I am excited to finally start doing it! It is intimidating to change your whole lifestyle. After the little research I have done I know I am going to have to change a lot about my life. But I am excited and eager to do so. I don't know much about balancing hormones, or gut health. But you have to start somewhere!

I am also doing this because I want to set a good foundation for my children so that they prefer to eat foods that will give you fuel and energy and support these things, over the foods that might make you feel a little bit blah after eating them.


I say realistic because I love a good candy bar here and there and love all the yummy goodies during the holidays, birthdays, parties and events. I’m trying to find the best balance in it all for ME. How do I still enjoy a good cinnamon roll, while also supporting the methylation in my cells, my hormones, and the microbiomes in my gut lining? That’s what I’m here to find out!!


So far I’ve done some research and found a few things. Diet, exercise and supplements are the main thing I am finding that is the most important. A favorite blogger of mine that has really taught me a lot is She has soooo much information on her website all about balancing hormones! If you are wanting to learn all about balancing your hormones I recommend giving her blog posts a read.

My goals right now are to

1: incorporate protein, folate, b vitamins, magnesium and zinc into every meal. By doing this I will be really supporting my methylation in my cells.

2: exercise for 30 minutes every day

3: eat a balanced dinner every night with a good source of protein, a fat/carb and veggies.

There have been a few things I don’t like about all the recipes I’ve found and blogs I’ve read. I don’t like that the food seems, unrealistic. Do I really want to eat chipotle cauliflower tacos? I And other types of soups and things with types of food I’ve never even heard of. I wanted to create something more realistic. There has to be a balance between it all.

And that’s my end goal, to find that balance and create a lifestyle with it.

So if you are interested, think you are wanting something similar follow along as I share my findings, yummy recipes, exercises and more realistic ways to incorporate all the good into YOUR lifestyle.

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