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How to Hire Your Dream Photographer on a Tight Budget

You finally get engaged, and you and your fiancé are over the moon to be getting married. You start picturing your day and realize you finally get to have your dream photographer capture your most special day. You reach out to them, and they send you back their pricing guide and your mouth drops. You never imagined that photography would be so expensive! You don't want to settle for a beginner photographer and you definitely don't want any family members or friends to do it because they aren't professionals, but there is no way that any photographer will fit in your budget. What do you do?

Well I am here to give you 3 tips on how to save some money when hiring a professional photographer. There are so many options to help you afford your dream photographer on a tight budget. Trust me, I've been there. I remember when I was planning my wedding I was so excited to hire my dream photographer! But my budget was small, and even me being a photographer and understanding why photographers charge so much, I still felt discouraged. I feel for you and want to help you! You have options! So let's get into it.

Mini Sessions

Have you heard the term mini session before? Most photographers I know are holding mini sessions a couple of times a year. These sessions usually range from 15-30 minutes and you get a certain amount of pictures back, but the sessions are suppperrr affordable. (I am talking anywhere from $75-$275 bucks!) I hold mini sessions 4-5 times a year usually in May, June, September, October and sometimes December. And I know other photographers tend to do the same! This type of session would be a great way to get super cute and affordable engagements done while still being taken by a professional photographer! I have had a couple of brides have me do this for them when I am holding my mini sessions and it works out great!

Don't have your photographer stay ALL NIGHT

Don't have your photographer stay during the whole reception! If you are planning your reception and aren't doing all of your traditional reception things (like cake cutting, dancing, bouquet toss, etc.) until the very end of the reception, pay your photographer to come when you start doing those things! This will save you so much money! Say your reception lasts for 4 hours, but you are only doing dances, cake cutting and an exit the last hour of the reception and that's really all you want professional pictures of. So instead of hiring your photographer to come for the whole 4 hours, just hire them to come for the last hour or two. This will help keep things closer to your budget! Say you are planning on partying all night for your reception and you know it is going to go late. Do all the things you want captured at the beginning or middle of your reception, then do a "fake exit" for your photographer to capture when you don't need them there anymore so your photographer can leave and you can keep partying! This way your photographer still gets cute pictures of you "leaving" and then you don't have to pay them to stay all the way to the end!

Payment plans

Most photographers I know would be willing to work with you and your budget. This is something I do and I know a lot of other photographers do as well. Payment plans help make it easier for you to pay instead of paying a big lump sum up front. This also helps so you can pay them when it's best for you.

I hope this post has helped you and helped make your wedding planning a little less stressful!



-xoxo kapf

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